Breakthrough - R. J. Pineiro
Tor Books (1999)
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Jake Thomas Fischer, founder and CEO of Fischer Technologies Inc., and his team have made an astounding breakthrough: bio-chips. these computer chips, based on bio-technology, use proteins to process information and provide enough processing power to put the world's fastest computer on every desktop. Fischer Technologies' new chips will revolutionize the computer industry.In the aftermath of the Cold War, nuclear secrets are cheap, but technology secrets are worth millions. Fischer and his team find themselves at the center of an international conflict to control their technology--a conflict that will end many of their lives. From the halls of power in Berlin to secret basement war rooms at the CIA and FBI, to the streets of Paris, the powers that be will do anything to control this new technology. And Jake Fischer will find that he will risk anything to stop them.

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Format Mass Market Paperback
Cover Price $6.99
Pgs 384
Height x Width 173 x 109 mm
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