Blind Spot - Barbara Shapiro
Harpercollins (Mm) (1998)
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"A terrific, terrifying, ripping read'this is a thriller you won't put down. Shapiro is the new queen of suspense."
--Deborah Crombie, author of Dreaming of the Bones

With two college-bound teenagers and a pile of past-due bills, Suki Jacobs finally has the case that could make her career as a forensic psychologist: evaluating the sanity of Lindsey Kern, a convicted murderer claiming to be innocent'and clairvoyant. Awaiting a new trial, Suki's professional judgment could free Lindsey'who insists the real killer was a ghost'or find her criminally insane for life.

This complex case soon takes an eerie similarity in Suki's own life when her 17-year-old daughter, Alexa, has a premonition that her ex-boyfriend is dead. The very next day the boy is murdered'and Alexa becomes the main suspect. Desperate to prove her daughter's innocence, Suki will turn everywhere for answers except to Lindsey, the one woman whose own haunted past and psychic insights might save Alexa. Can Suki go beyond the boundaries of her own reality to see the truth ... before it's too late?

"Put Blind Spot at the top of your nighttime reading list, though I have a feeling you'll be keeping the bedroom light on long after you close the covers of this book."
--Jeremiah Healy, author of The Only Good Lawyer and Invasion of Privacy

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