Cost of Living Analysis for Plainsboro, NJ

July, 1999
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Welcome to my cost of living in Plainsboro pages. If you're thinking of moving to Plainsboro, New Jersey (or any similar town in New Jersey), particularly if you plan to live in a townhouse (like I do) or a condo, I think you will find these pages helpful figuring out a budget ahead of time.

So here's the deal. In 1994, I bought my first house, a townhouse in Plainsboro, New Jersey. The townhouse is a 3-bedroom with a large master bedroom, a medium-size bedroom and a small bedroom. It could have been a 4-bedroom, but the family room on first floor opens to the second floor, using the space that a fourth bedroom would normally occupy. The townhouse has a kitchen, family room, two full bathrooms (including a spacious master bath) and one half bathroom, a dining room and living room, a 1-car garage and a full basement. The square footage of the townhouse is 1960 square feet.

Between June 1997 and June 1999 I kept very close track of my expenses via checkbook records, and I have now taken that data and converted it into easy-to-read graphs that will give you an idea of how much your monthly bills might be in a similar situation.

The graphs accompanying these pages show 6 categories of monthly or quarterly expenses. If you click on any of these categories below, you'll get more detailed information about the specific type of service I have, etc.

Additionally, in the details page I discuss the cost of mortgages, PMI insurance, and Plainsboro township taxes.

Details on information with accompanying graphs

Details on information without accompanying graphs

You might want to get right to the graphs now to take a look at what my actual expenses were for the time period. Come back to this page and click on the service above if you want to find out more details about a particular part of one of the graphs.

More Info

If you have read the details page, you should now be ready to calculate your monthly expenses.