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This is a page listing my favorite people/things in a bunch of categories. Folks listed in each category are in no particular order. Click on the link in each category for more info about why these favorites have impressed me.

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Here's a little more detail about some of my favorites:

Favorite Actors

Harrison Ford: Harrison Ford is probably my favorite actor. He was awesome, of course, as Han Solo in the original Star Wars trilogy and in the Indiana Jones trilogy. I also have enjoyed his acting in a number of other flicks including Presumed Innocent, and Clear and Present Danger, and he's a total class act in the interviews of him that I've seen.

Christopher Lloyd: Lloyd was absolutely awesome in the TV series Taxi as the Reverend Jim Ignotowski, and I really enjoyed his characters in the Back to the Future trilogy.

Michael J. Fox: Fox is about my age I think and I sort of grew up with him on the TV series Family Ties. While his character in that series was a bit immature for me, he redeemed himself with his acting in the Back to the Future trilogy, and more recently on TV again in Spin City. Total bummer that he's suffering from Parkinson's disease; for his and others' sake, I hope the medicine he's on is helping and that a cure is found soon.

Judd Hirsch: I always connected with the Hirsch character Alex Reeger on the TV series Taxi, kind of thinking of myself as the solid, centered guy that everyone always came to for advice and help. Hirsh also did a great job as the psychiatrist in the movie Ordinary People.

Tom Hanks: Most of my respect for Hanks comes from the movie Apollo 13 and from the HBO series that he produced called From the Earth to the Moon about the Apollo moon shots. I also did enjoy him in the movie Big.

Gary Busey: I've somehow gotten it in my mind that if there was ever an actor I'd like to hang around with and be friends with, it'd be Gary Busey. His role as the uncle in the movie Silver Bullet was super, and I also enjoyed him immensely in the movie Point Break.

Kevin Costner: Costner seems to really pick cool roles and he's lucky to be in a position where he can do so. His best work was in the movie Dances with Wolves. I also probably like him because he's the favorite actor of a woman I once had a serious crush on.

Bruce Willis: I totally have enjoyed the Die Hard trilogy that Willis did. I'm not particularly enthralled with some of his other movies, but he gets a mention here because of his Die Hard acting, and because he's been a pretty cool guy on the talk shows.

Phil Hartman: Saturday Night Live of course, but I didn't pay much attention to Hartman until he was on the TV series News Radio. I was totally bummed about his death (moreso than the other SNL players who have died in recent years).

Nicholas Cage: Cage's acting in the movie Raising Arizona was awesome. I also enjoyed his acting in the movie The Rock.

Wesley Snipes: Thoroughly enjoyed him in several flicks including: White Men Can't Jump, New Jack City, Rising Sun, and Murder at 1600.

Patrick Swayze: Patrick gets my vote for "person I'd most like to look like for a week". From an acting standpoint, he's no match for the likes of Harrison Ford or Tom Hanks, but his great body and great looks and great dancing make up for any small lack of acting talent (he's a good actor, just not great).

Kevin Bacon: I absolutely loved Kevin Bacon in the movie Footloose, and since then I've enjoyed his acting in several other flicks (Apollo 13, JFK, etc.). Awesome actor, good-looking, good dancer and I'm glad he got a game named after him.

Kevin Spacey: I think the first movie I saw Spacey in was Consenting Adults in which he played a slimy neighbor. I also remember him as a rich, eccentric piano-playing client on the TV series L.A. Law. I also enjoyed him in Se7en and Outbreak, and more recently in American Beauty.

Jeff Goldblum: I've seen and enjoyed many movies he has starred in. My favorites were Jurassic Park and Independence Day. An awesome actor.

Favorite Actresses

Sandra Bullock: What can I say? A total babe.

Lori Petty: Awesome eyes, especially in the movie Point Break.

Maura Tierney: She's great in News Radio.

Sigourney Weaver: Awesome acting in the movies Alien and Aliens which are among my favorite movies.

Kirstie Alley: Did a really great job replacing Shelley Long as the starring actress in the TV Series Cheers. I also thought she did a wonderful job in the movie Shoot to Kill.

Jodie Foster: A great actress. Some of her better works in my opinion include Contact and Silence of the Lambs

Marilu Henner: She has quite a filmography, but to me she'll always be Elaine Nardo on the TV series Taxi. Best ``Elaine'' espisode on that series was the one where Jim builds a castle in her apartment for her made out of the body of his van.

Favorite Movies

It's tough to put these in order; I don't have a single favorite movie, but if I were to group these top 11 favorites, the top of the list would belong to these four:

(Hmmm... I'm sensing a theme here). The following 5 movies I like about equally well: ...and these two get honorable mention but aren't as far up on my favorites list as the previous 9 movies:

Favorite TV Shows

I've often heard asked or have asked myself the question: ``If you were on a desert island with a working TV and VCR and you could bring along the complete set of tapes of one single TV series, which would you bring with you?''

For me, the answer is a toss-up between M*A*S*H, Taxi, and Cheers; all of which were truly excellent TV series. I have also really enjoyed over the years: Seinfeld (of course--awesome humor and great plots), News Radio (although it went downhill after Phil Hartman died), and Friends.

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