Aslan and LittleOne

Here's a picture of my cat, Aslan. Aslan is a female spayed Calico. She was born around the summer of 1987; I adopted her from APAW (animal shelter in West Windsor, NJ) around April of 1988, shortly after she was spayed. Even though she's female, I named her after the Great Lion from C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia.

Here's a picture of my other cat, LittleOne. LittleOne was born around the end of May, 1994, and is an all-black neutered male. He was six weeks old and TINY when I adopted him in July of 1994 (again through APAW), but now he out-weighs my much-older cat Aslan by about 6 pounds.

For more pictures of Aslan and LittleOne, follow this link.

One more cat picture (really cute): my sister's family's new twin cats: Gabriel and Raphael.

In Memorial

These are images of Merlin, who has left this world. We'll miss you, Merlin!

If you have a browser that supports Java, you should be seeing my scrolling ``cats that I know on parade'' bar that consists of Aslan, Little One, and some other cat friends: Niko and Paws.

How Aslan and LittleOne get along

I decided to get a second cat (LittleOne) in 1994 shortly after I moved into my townhouse because I thought that my other cat was likely pretty lonely all alone while I'm at work (I tend to have lotsa 12-hour days).

At first they didn't get along at all; my older kitty didn't want to get to know the new young kitty at all. Now, after a year and a half I can say that they tolerate each other but aren't really close buddies (and may never be). Usually at night they both sleep with me on my bed, but that's about as close as they get to each other.

Another cute kitty picture

I found this on picture on the net somewhere and thought it was cute. As far as I can tell, the picture has not been retouched. Click here to see this bad kitty!


I'm sometimes into camping (with my geeky friend Scott--click here for a camping picture), backpacking, biking, bowling, tennis, and watching movies (on laserdisc and DVD; I have an extensive laserdisc and DVD collection).


I've also recently taken an interest in poker playing. You can often find me lurking on the IRC poker channels, participating in the World Rec.Gambling Poker Tournament or reading the newsgroup. To get at the data for the IRC poker database, click here. If you're interested in looking at a catalog of where you can order gambling-related books and software, check out Conjelco.

Around the middle of 1994, I also had the opportunity to meet some folks from the internet by hosting a poker game at my home. The game has become a regular monthly-or-so event and we call it PiNJ (for Poker in New Jersey). For more information on this group, click here.


I'm an avid 3DO owner/user/games player (or rather I *used* to be; haven't really had much time to play 3DO games for about a year). I use the machine as a Photo CD viewer, and of course to play the awesome new video games available for the system. For a pointer to more info on 3DO, click here

3DO UPDATE, Oct. 1997

If you're actually reading this far into my page, you're probably deranged enough to be aware of the fact that 3DO has pretty much failed. I went to the local BestBuy and picked up a bunch of titles that used to be $60 each for about $5 each; also picked up some spare controllers for about the same price each. My favorite game on the 3DO system is by far PO'ed by AnyChannel Software (they have now also done a port of PO'ed for the Playstation). So, my 3DO still works; I suppose someday I'll still play it once in awhile...

I have by this time now also purchased a Sony Playstation and an N64 system. I don't have much good to say about the Playstation; haven't found any outstanding software for it yet. However, being a veteran of pretty much all the ``Mario'' games, I must say that Mario64 is very cool. Nintendo has out-done themselves with this title (though I have not played any other software for the N64 yet).