What I did on my Summer '99 vacation

During July of 1999, I took a vacation for a couple weeks to drive to Minnesota to visit my parents and to spend a few days at a lake-front cabin in north/central Minnesota with my sister and her three kids (1 girl, 2 boys, all teenagers!).

Here are a few highlights:

At my folks' house, we saw a couple interesting things: they put some food out on their stoop to feed a stray cat and they end up feeding not only the cat, but also a racoon! Here a short movie of the stray orange cat and a short movie of the racoon

Here's a panorama of what the lake looked like (click on this small picture if you want to see a really huge picture):

I think we picked the HOTTEST and MOST HUMID week of the season in Minnesota to visit the lake. Consequently, I didn't do any fishing myself (my nephews did fish, but the fish just weren't biting while I was there; must have been the heat!). So while not sitting in front of the fan, we did get a chance to do a bunch of non-fishing activities like: swimming and playing frisbee, shooting pool, playing pinball (my nephew and I got the high score on the pinball machine!), playing poker, and putting together a 1008-piece puzzle! Here's a short movie of my sister and niece putting the LAST PIECE in the puzzle.

We were also visited by a scary visitor: ShadowMan. One night when the moon was full, ShadowMan wreaked havoc with the electricity by chopping up some of the electrical cables during a thunderstorm. I did manage to capture a short movie of ShadowMan one afternoon.

Driving my way back to New Jersey, I stopped at some friends' house in Wisconsin, and got a cute short movie of their dog Maggie.

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