Kman's Laser Disc/Digital Video Disc Collection

(Completed entering laserdisc collection data September, 1999)
(Updated with latest DVD data December, 2000)

This is the top-level page for lists/info about my laser disk collection. As of December, 2000, I have 141 movies on either LD or DVD which are listed in these pages. My total collection is really has about 30 more titles, but I'm only including movies here, not other that I own like karaoke, music, computer animation, special features, and demo LD's and DVD's.

In November of '99, I finally broke down and bought a DVD player, and I've added titles since then and added a column for whether the title is on DVD or LD.

From here you can do this:

At some point, I might also add links (probably in the long listing page only) to the Internet Movie Database.

A word about the Primary Genre

For the ``Primary Genre'' column, I used info on the IMDB site. There were three things that I don't quite like about the way they listed the genre's of the flicks:

A word about the K-Rating

I may at some point in the future make a file in which I explain the ratings I assigned to each flick. One would hope that I would tend to own many more films on LD with ratings of 5-10 than 1-4. In fact, at the time of this writing, 37 flicks received a 1-4 while 86 received a rating of 5-10.

Here are the basic guidelines: