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Title Rating Year Length Primary Genre K-Rating DVD or LD Last Watched
Abyss, The PG-131993171Action9LD9803
Accused, The R1988110Drama3LD-
Air Force One R1997125Action7LD9900
Alien R1987116Horror8LD200002
Aliens (Special Edition) R1986138Action10DVD9912
Aliens R1986138Action10LD-
Alive R1993126Drama6LD-
Amadeus PG-131984158Drama7LD-
Animal House R1978109Comedy8DVD9912
Apollo 13 PG-131995150Drama10LD200011
Armageddon PG-131997151Action10LD200005
Arrival, The PG-131996109Thriller7LD9900
Back to the Future PG-131985116Adventure8LD-
Back to the Future II PG-131989108Comedy8LD-
Back to the Future III PG-131990118Comedy8LD-
Bar Girls R199595Drama3LD9900
Basic Instinct R1992123Mystery5LD-
Basketball Diaries R1995102Action5DVD9912
Batman Returns PG-131992126Fantasy4LD-
Blade Runner R1991117Sci-Fi6DVD9912
Blown Away R1994121Thriller-DVD200004
Body of Evidence Unrated1992101Romance3LD-
Boyz 'n the Hood R1991112Crime7LD9804
Broken Arrow R1996108Action5LD-
Cape Fear R1991128Horror8LD9804
Casablanca PG1943103Classic-DVD200004
Clear and Present Danger PG-131994141Action7LD9900
Client, The PG-131994121Mystery5LD-
Cliffhanger R1993115Action5LD-
Close Encounters of the Third Kind PG-131977135Drama9LD-
Con Air R1995115Action6DVD9912
Congo PG-131995109Action5LD200005
Consenting Adults R199299Thriller7LD200005
Contact PG-131997150Drama10LD200003
Copycat R1995123Thriller5LD-
Crimson Tide R1996116Action5LD-
Deception PG-13199290Thriller1LD9900
Deep Impact PG-131998121Drama7LD9900
Die Hard 2: Die Harder R1990123Action8LD-
Die Hard 3: Die With a Vengeance R1995130Action7LD-
Die Hard R1988127Action8LD-
Disclosure R1995129Thriller7LD200004
Distinguished Gentleman, The R1992112Comedy3LD-
Dracula R1993128Horror2LD-
Dumb and Dumber PG-131995106Comedy7LD9900
Empire Strikes Back, The PG-131980124Action7LD9900
Executive Decision R1996133Action7LD9900
Eye for an Eye R1996102Drama5LD-
Falcon and the Snowman, The R1985132Drama2LD-
Falling Down R1993113Action7LD-
Fantasia G1940120Animation2LD-
Far Away So Close PG-131994146Drama2LD-
Fargo R199698Thriller8LD9900
Fatal Attraction R1987159Thriller7LD-
Fawlty Towers (the Complete Set) Unrated1975-1979368Comedy8LD-
Fearless R1993122Drama5LD-
Fear R199697Drama5LD200006
Firm, The R1993154Thriller6LD9900
Footloose PG-131987107Drama8LD-
Forrest Gump PG-131994142Comedy4LD-
From the Earth to the Moon NR1998639Space9DVD9912
Fugitive, The PG-131993131Action8LD9900
Gremlins PG-131984106Comedy6LD-
Groundhog Day PG-131993101Comedy8LD-
Hackers PG-131995104Thriller5LD-
Hand that Rocks the Cradle, The R1992110Thriller5LD-
Hannah and Her Sisters PG-131986103Comedy3LD-
Hideaway R1995106Thriller5LD-
Honeymoon in Vegas PG-13199396Comedy8LD9900
Hunt for Red October, The PG-131989135Action8LD-
In the Line of Fire R1993127Action8LD9900
Indecent Proposal R1993119Drama4LD9900
Invasion of the Body Snatchers PG-131978115Horror5LD9910
JFK R1991189Drama8LD9900
Judgement Night R1993110Action6LD9900
Jurassic Park PG-131993127Action9LD200002
Juror, The R1996118Drama5LD-
K2 the Ultimate High R1991104Adventure9LD-
Langoliers, The PG-131995180Sci-Fi4LD-
Lawnmower Man 2: Jobe's War PG-13199693Action2LD-
Lawnmower Man Unrated1992140Action3LD-
League of Their Own, A PG-131992127Comedy5LD-
Long Kiss Goodnight, The R1997120Action9LD-
Madonna Truth or Dare R1991118Documentary1LD-
Malcolm X PG-131992201Drama4LD-
Marooned G1969130Drama4LD-
Matrix, The R1999136Sci-Fi6DVD200004
Mission: Impossible PG-131996110Action7LD-
Moonshot (Story of Apollo) Unrated1994190Space7LD-
Mortal Thoughts R1991104Mystery4LD-
Mr. Holland's Opus PG-131995143Drama5LD-
Murder at 1600 R1997108Thriller5LD9900
New Jack City R1991101Action5LD-
Outbreak R1995128Action7LD-
Pacific Heights R1990103Thriller6LD-
Patriot Games R1992117Action7LD-
Pelican Brief, The PG-131994141Thriller4LD200006
Perfect Storm, The PG-132000130Action9DVD200011
Piano, The R1994121Drama2LD-
Planets, The (BBC Presents) NR1999400Space8DVD200005
Point Break R1992121Action9LD9900
Presumed Innocent R1991127Mystery6LD-
Pulp Fiction R1994154Crime7LD-
Ransom R1996139Drama6LD-
Return of the Jedi PG-131983134Action6LD9900
Rising Sun R1993129Action6LD9900
Risky Business R198399Action7LD9910
Rock, The R1996136Action8LD9900
Rounders R1997121Drama9DVD200011
Runaway Train R1985112Action4LD9900
Schindler's List R1993197Drama3LD-
Seven R1996127Crime2LD-
Shattered R199198Thriller5LD-
Shining, The R1980144Horror7DVD9912
Shoot to Kill R1988109Action9LD9900
Silence of the Lambs, The R1990118Thriller8LD-
Single White Female R1992107Thriller6LD-
Sixth Sense, The PG-131999107Thriller-DVD200005
Sleeping With the Enemy R199199Drama6LD-
Sliver R1993106Thriller3LD-
Sneakers PG-131992125Action7LD-
Space Camp PG-131986107Adventure5LD-
Species R1995108Action3LD-
Speed R1994116Action6LD-
Stand, The Unrated1994360Drama8LD-
Star Trek First Contact PG-131996111Action8LD200005
Star Trek Generations PG-131994117Action7LD200006
Star Wars PG-131977125Sci-Fi8LD9900
Strange Days R1995145Action4LD9900
Three Kings R1999115Action4DVD200005
Timecop R199499Action5LD-
Titanic PG-131997194Drama8LD9909
Turbulence R1997101Action2LD-
U.S. Marshals PG-131998131Crime7DVD200001
Under Seige R1992103Action7DVD200001
Voyage R199386Thriller3LD-
Waterworld PG-131995136Action2LD-
White Men Can't Jump R1992117Comedy6LD-
White Wolves PG-13199378Action4LD-
Wildthings R1998108Mystery6DVD200005
Witness R1985112Drama8LD-