DVD 127 mins IMDB 7.7
PG-13 (Parental Guidance)
Jurassic Park
Universal Studios (1993)
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Action, Adventure, Science Fiction
USA  /  English

Richard Attenborough John Hammond
Laura Dern Dr. Ellie Sattler
Jeff Goldblum Dr. Ian Malcolm
Sam Neill Dr. Alan Grant
Martin Ferrero Donald Gennaro
Samuel L. Jackson Ray Arnold
Joseph Mazzello Tim Murphy
Wayne Knight Dennis Nedry
Bob Peck Robert Muldoon
Ariana Richards Lex Murphy
B.D. Wong Henry Wu

Director Joe Johnston; Steven Spielberg
Producer Kathleen Kennedy; Gerald R. Molen
Writer Michael Crichton; David Koepp

Imagine a trip to the museum, walking around staring at old bones, wondering where are all the Dinosaurs. Now imagine the most amazing theme park ever created. Scientists discovered a way to create dinosaurs, through DNA samples frozen in amber for millions of years. A deep pocketed innovator wants to profit from the discovery by making an amusement park out of the discovery. The park comes complete with the friendliest of vegetarian species, to the king of dinosaurs, the T-Rex. Now imagine cruising though this Jurassic Park, observing 100 foot tall prehistoric beasts, and wondering am I safe? The story of Jurassic park tells the story of the maiden adventure through the Dinosaur Park, known as Jurassic Park.

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Edition Special Edition
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Region Region 1
Release Date 10/10/2000
Packaging Keep Case
Screen Ratio Widescreen (16:9, Anamorphic)
Subtitles French; Spanish
Audio Tracks Dolby Digital 5.1 [English]
DTS 5.1 [English]
Layers Single Side, Dual Layer
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