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Dr. Seuss: How The Grinch Stole Christmas
Sony Music (1957)
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Animation, Family
USA  /  English

Walter Matthau Narrator

Writer Dr. Seuss

NOTE: Although Dr. Seuss published the book in 1957, it wasn't made into a TV movie until 1966. In a cave in the mountains above Whoville lives a miserable creature known as the Grinch. It was reputed that his heart was two sizes too small. His only companion is his dog. He looks down in rage at the activities of the Whos who live in Whoville. He is especially infuriated by their Christmas celebrations and their cheery songs. He gets the idea that if he steals everything they have related to Christmas, he can stop the holiday from coming. Dressing as Santa Claus and his dog as a reindeer to pull his sled, the Grinch heads down the steep slopes. In the dark of night he sneaks from house to house stealing trees, presents, decorations, and Christmas goodies. The only one who sees him is little Cindy Lou Who "who is no more than two". She asks him why he's taking their things, a question he smoothly avoids. After the rigorous climb back up the mountain with the heavily-laden sled, the Grinch is furious when he hears the Whos singing their cheery songs again. After what some say was his heart growing two sizes that day, the Grinch makes the decision to return Christmas to the Whos.

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