Tips for the fastest Netflix delivery turn-around time

There are a few things you can do as a customer of Netflix to optimize movie delivery frequency:

  1. When returning a movie, make sure the barcode on the inner (dvd) sleeve shows through the small window of the outer envelope. This actually means that you will have to insert the DVD sleeve into the outer envelope upside-down and backwards as these pictures demonstrate:

    (Click on one of the four images below to enlarge it):

    Small Image of DVD sleeveSmall Image of Return Envelope
    Image of Sleeve Being Inserted Into EnvelopeImage of Sleeve Fully Inserted Into Envelope

    I have noticed that when I do not line up the barcode to the small window, it can delay turn-around time by about 1 business day.

  2. Do NOT return your DVD into a neighborhood drop-off box or outgoing mailbox kiosk slot. Once when I returned a movie through my local kiosk's outgoing slot, it took 9 days to arrive back at the Netflix facility (I suspect it stayed in the outgoing mail slot for most of this time). Instead, drop off your DVD at your main Local Post Office's location.

  3. Find out from your post office which drop-off box will give the fastest service. For example, the Laramie, Wyoming Post Office main location has about a half dozen different drop-off boxes in the drive-thru lane: some for stamped letters, some for postage paid letters, etc. For Laramie, the box that produces the fastest service (overnight) is the one marked "Flats and Small Parcels"; the Post Office suggests we use that box for DVD's, and it does indeed provide overnight delivery from Laramie to the nearest Netflix Shipping Facility (currently Cheyenne, Wyoming).

  4. When you return your movie the next day, be sure to return it prior to the last pickup time of the day, which is usually marked on the drop-off box. In most cases, this is 5 PM.

  5. If you are lucky enough to receive incoming mail early in the day and you're able to watch the movie, you could return it to the Post Office the same day as well and you'll get the fastest turn-around. Otherwise, return it the next day before 5 PM.