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The purpose of these pages is to provide you with information about the great games at pogo.com.  Here you'll find in-depth information about your favorite games as well as hints and tips that will help you play better and smarter and earn more tokens.

If you enjoy games but you haven't yet ventured to pogo.com, you're missing out on some fun! pogo.com has games for everyone, from games you can play by yourself or with another person on the internet to casino-style "rooms/tables" where you play against the computer, but at the same time also chat with other pogo players.

I've played many of the games offered on pogo.com; these pages represent my experiences, observations and opinions about the games. In some cases, I have spent time collecting data and I present information about the data I have collected.

Image of Poppit Game

First, if you're interested in a pogo.com page for a particular game, start here:

Second, if you just want to quickly figure out which casino-style games offer the best winnings in terms of tokens per hour, search no longer! Here's the answer, in order of most-profitable to least-profitable (based on my experiences and the data I've collected):

Image of Blackjack Game
Game Average win rate
Turbo 21 10,000
Poppit! 6,000
Slots 3,900
Roulette ~2,000
Video Poker 1,400
Bump! 700
Keno (10 numbers covered) 34 tickets per hour (on average)

I hope you'll read the rest of this introductory page also...

Why play on pogo.com?

There are lots of reasons you might want to play the games on pogo.com: Image of Roulette Game

Please note that I am primarily writing from the perspective of "A" above: "How can I win the most tokens?" on pogo.com. The answer is in the table above--Turbo21 currently gives you the best token win rate per hour.

Image of Keno Game

Secondarily, most of these pages concentrate on stats, odds and mathematics. I believe that all the games on pogo.com are "true" games, meaning that I believe cards are randomly shuffled, the roulette ball hits each number with equal frequency in the long run, keno numbers come up randomly, etc. I have found no evidence to the contrary on pogo's site (although I have seen blatant odds-fixing on other gaming sites). For more information, you can check out my fairness web page.

Please enjoy these pages!