K-man's pogo.com Buckaroo Blackjack Card Counting page

This web-based card-counting program allows you to do two things:

  1. Use the "Hi-Opt I" card-counting method to track the BBJ deck and determine when it is advantageous to bet the maximum amount
  2. For the skeptical, it allows you to track each card while it is dealt until you convince yourself that pogo BBJ does indeed really deal only from a single deck of cards
Basically, for each hand, you enter which cards came up, and the program will keep track on a hand-by-hand basis which cards have already appeared for that deck, the current count, and several other bits of information.

Do this:

  1. IMPORTANT! If you see two silver jacks in a single hand (whether they are both in your hand, both in the dealer's hand or one in each), enter the cards as usual and click "submit", then enter just a silver jack and click "submit" again
  2. Resize this browser window so it is very narrow but also very high (to make it easier to skip back and forth between this window and your pogo BBJ window). You might wish to use the right mouse button to un-check some of the standard menus near the top of the browser window
  3. Wait until you see the "New Deck" message appear in pogo's BBJ playing area
  4. Press "Start keeping Track of BBJ Cards"
  5. For each hand, check what cards have appeared, then after each hand, press "Submit Hand"
  6. Each time the "New Deck" message appears, click "Start a new deck"