K-man's pogo.com Keno Stats keeping page

Some keno players feel that they can gain an advantage playing keno if they pick numbers that are "hot" (have come up a lot recently), or are "cold" (have not come up recently). I don't happen to particularly agree with this: based on intuition, odds, and real-life data, I think it doesn't matter if you bet the 10 most frequent, the 10 least frequent, or 10 random numbers--you'll get the same random results no matter what. You can use this stats-keeping program to test this theory, or to prove your own theory!

This page allows you to keep track of numbers that come up in pogo.com's Keno game. Simply click the button below to start and you'll get a form that will help you keep track of the numbers that have come up.

Do this:

  1. Make your browser narrower; doing so will help you fit both the keno screen and the stats-keeping form on your monitor at the same time.
  2. Click the "Start" button below
  3. Simply check which numbers come up in each keno game and press "Game Complete" after each game's numbers have been entered.
  4. At any time, you can turn off the "Results Table", which displays how many times each number has come up since you started keeping track.