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New high score set 2/10/2010:1,794,188. Follow this link for the details.

Have you ever seen a screen that is impossible to complete? Here's one!

The overflow game is also available from its authors at EyeOne. I recently have played some games there; if you're interested in trying out EyeOne's version, check out the details here.

Hi, everyone! Welcome to K-man's pogo.com Overflow page. In the fall of 2008, I received some nice emails from fellow Overflow enthusiast Warren, who developed and shared a new approach to maximizing points on level 1 (clear screen). I followed his advice and have been able to get many new personal high scores. I have a new page detailing this approach here.

Overflow is definitely my favorite game at Pogo. For me it is highly addictive and I tend to play it almost exclusively for several weeks (then I'll leave it alone for years, sometimes!)

Overflow is unique at Pogo in that it doesn't have advertisement intermissions, but it also does not contribute to your token winnings total! Maybe this is why there are no intermissions! I do fear for its future at Pogo, however, since it doesn't fit in with most of the other games and usually has very few players. But I hope it stays!

What is overflow?

Overflow is a game on pogo.com where you try to place pieces of a long "straw" together to complete a puzzle and earn points. I was originally attracted to this game because it was similar to a game called "xpipe" that I used to play under X-windows (unix). "xpipe" used pipes instead of straws, and didn't allow you to blow up obstacles.

There are basically two goals in overflow: (1) to complete the current level's "puzzle" and thus progress to the next level; (2) to accumulate the maximum number of points possible.

Tips and Hints

Now for some tips and hints:

OK; that's about it. If you're interested, you can check out one of these additional overflow links: