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Overflow at EyeOne

If you pay attention when you're starting a game of overflow, you know that it was written by the fine folks at EyeOne (I think they're a software company in Norway).

It turns out that they seem to have retained the rights to continue to provide their overflow game on the internet. It's a different site and their online version of overflow is located here.

The overflow game on pogo and on EyeOne are nearly identical: same idea, same approximate flow rate, same grid size, etc. I like both versions, but I like the version at EyeOne slightly better for the following reasons:

Plus, the EyeOne version will work in FireFox, my preferred web browser. Pogo games only work in Internet Explorer (at least for me, anyway).

So I've been playing at EyeOne lately, trying to get on their highscores list (under a different nickname), and I have been successful! As of 4 /17/10 My high score at the EyeOne site is 2.67 million or so and is the #1 high score there. However, you can't really compare the scores between the two sites because they have different scoring opportunities and produce different results.

Because of the advantages of the EyeOne overflow game, in my record high game I managed to complete level 27, six levels higher than my highest-ever level at pogo. I unfortunately lost almost immediately on level 28. Here are the last 2 levels of that game:

Image of EyeOne Overflow level 27

Image of EyeOne Overflow level 28

To see all completed level images from this game follow this link.

So, if you're interested in a slightly different overflow experience, I encourage you to give EyeOne's main overflow site a try in addition to pogo. EyeOne's site is here.