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An impossible overflow screen

I've played a lot of overflow. I mean a LOT of overflow. I mean, it's quite possible I'm in the top 10 of people on the planet in terms of how much overflow I've played.

And I've only seen what I'm describing on this page twice. Thankfully I was able to get a screen shot of this impossible board tonight, 10/22/2010.

The fact of the matter is that despite your race to find bombs (grenades) to remove ice and rocks, despite the need to find "+" pieces to prolong your level, despite the relentless, never-ending movement of the liquid through the straw threatening to end your game at any moment, it is actually possible to land on a screen level that is impossible to complete.

And it's a bummer when this happens. You might be in the middle of an awesome game. Maybe you're at the highest level you've ever completed. Maybe your score is at or near a personal record for you. Maybe you're in a zone and you think you're invincible. Maybe a combination of all of these things. .....and the THIS happens to you:

Image #1 of an impossible-to-complete overflow level

Note the area in the above image outlined in red. There are four corner pieces outlined, and together the four corner pieces form a square. BUT there is no way to enter and exit all of these corner pieces! So, unfortunately, this becomes an impossible level to complete and your game is lost even if you've managed to get by all the other obstacles. :-( Eventually, your game ends with this unhappy end screen:

Image #2 of an impossible-to-complete overflow level

I hope you never have to see a screen like this... but it could happen! Good luck!