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Overflow Record set November 24, 2008

Woohoo! On 11-24-2008, I set a personal record finishing with a final score of 1,177,979 on unfinished level 15, and a pre-bonus score of 1,169,141 on completed level 14.

I need to give much credit to fellow Overflow enthusiast Warren, who discovered and shared with me a new way to earn maximum points on level 1 (and potentially levels 2 and 3 as well). In this particular game, I was very lucky to begin with a perfect level 1 and excellent boards for levels 2 and 3. For both of those levels, the single ice cubes lined up perfectly to allow me to nearly duplicate the level 1 pattern.

Below are screenshots from levels 3 through 15 for that game. I had been lucky enough to score nearly 700,000 by the end of level 3, setting me up with a good base score for the remainder of the game:


Image of level 3

Image of level 4

Image of level 5

Image of level 6

Image of level 7

Image of level 8

Image of level 9

Image of level 10

Image of level 11

Image of level 12

Image of level 13

Image of level 14

Image of level 15