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Updated for 2008!

Welcome to my pogo.com fan page about the cool game: "Poppit!". On this page you will find the most up-to-date Poppit information, tips, and hints about how to become a successful Poppit player. This page refers to "Poppit 2", updated for 2008!.

Tip! The best way to get started learning Poppit! is to start playing! While you're browsing these pages, please start up a Poppit! game and play--you can always continue reading during the intermissions :-)

What is Poppit?

Poppit is pogo.com's premier, trademark game. It has existed since the early days of Pogo, and in many ways, Pogo and Poppit are almost synonymous with each other. The game is very simple to start learning and playing, it's challenging to win, and it's also extraordinarily addicting--a perfect combination for any online game!

The premise of Poppit is simple, and the title of the game says it all: "Pop it!". To begin the game, you're presented with a grid of balloons 10 high by 15 balloons wide, and your goal is to clear the grid of all balloons by popping them (simply move your mouse to a balloon you can pop, and click your mouse. The main trick of the game is that you can only pop balloons when they are grouped two or more of the same color together, either vertically or horizontally (not diagonally). Whenever you pop balloons, they disappear and of course since helium-filled balloons float, all the balloons below the ones you just popped will float upward and fill up the spaces you left.

How to Play

If you're a brand new Poppit! player, you'll find that pogo.com already has some great instructions on how to play the game, which I'm not going to repeat here. So for the very basics of game play, be sure to check out the "How to Play" link, which you can do here by opening a new window to pogo's main Poppit page. Then, stop back here for tips and tricks that go beyond pogo's help pages!

When you first start Poppit, you'll see a grid of balloons like this:

Image of poppit beginning screen

You'll notice right away that all the balloons are one of five colors: red, green, blue, yellow, or purple. (Sometimes during special promotions or holidays, Pogo might change the colors, but there will always be 5 different colors). As you move your mouse around the grid of balloons, groups of valid "poppable" balloons become semi-transparent so you can more easily see what balloons will pop when you click them.

Another thing you'll notice is that SOME of the balloons have little pictures on them. In fact, one balloon per column will have a picture on it, though they will not necessarily appear in the same row across. Most of these picture balloons have a picture of a prize box on them like this: image of prize balloon (called prize balloons) ...and sometimes you will also see balloons that have a star on them like this: image of power-up balloon (called power-up balloons).

What are the prize balloons all about?

Tip! There are no time limits in Poppit! So take your time; go a leisurely pace, and even take a break if you want to--your game will be waiting for you when you get back!

The prizes in Poppit! are not prizes that you will actually win. They are only "virtual" prizes, and they only pertain to this particular pogo game. The way to win a game is to "free" all the prize balloons by popping them and all the balloons below them. When you free a prize, it will parachute down to the bottom of the screen. Each prize that you free will have a certain value, in tokens, based on which row it came from. The higher the row, the more tokens it's worth.

Prizes come in all shapes and sizes, and include a 1-tooth Ghost with a hat, a Hunter, Mermaid, Baseball, Gopher, Car, Dark Chess piece, Frog with Crown, Panda, Indian Totem, Buckaroo, Green-faced Monkey, Hoseguy, Pretzel, Court Jester, Purple Dragon, King Neptune, Saxaphone, Rocker, Dice, Football trophy, Pirate, Flying White Dog, Soccer Ball, and a Big-eyed Dog.

Prize Tokens
Row Tokens awarded
10 30
9 15
8 8
7 4
6 3
5 2
4 1

Prizes appear in rows randomly, but you will always get one prize (or one power-up) per column. Tokens are awarded in the game when a prize is released. When the game is finished, your game token total will be added to your total tokens. The value of each prize depends on the row from which it was released, according to the table at the left. As you can see, many more tokens are awarded for prizes appearing higher in the grid, but releasing these prizes is very difficult!

In easy mode (skill level 1), you'll find prizes located in rows 4, 5, 6, and 7. At skill level 2, you may also find some prizes in row 8, and in the hardest level (skill level 3), you can find prizes in any rows from row 4 all the way to the top, row 10.

Not only is skill level 3 the hardest mode, but it can be disappointing, too! Even careful play can sometimes sadly end with a single balloon left with a prize in it like these two images show:

Image of a single balloon left in the Poppit! gridImage of a single balloon left in the Poppit! grid

What are the power-up balloons all about?

Balloons that have a star on them (like this: image of a balloon with a star on it) contain a power-up. A power-up is an item that will help you in the course of playing your game. In Poppit!, power-ups are very useful. They can help you win a game that you might have otherwise lost (and thereby get a jackpot spin), they can help you leave 5 or fewer balloons (and get bonus points), or they can even help you clear the entire grid, earning you a whopping 750 bonus points!

There are two power-ups:

Tip! Because power-ups are very helpful, try to play games that have at least one star balloon in the grid. You can press the "New Game" button repeatedly until you see a grid you like. The "New Game button is there to use as a tool like this (it's not cheating)

Which power-up is better? The answer is that each of the two power-ups is useful in its own way, and which one is better is a matter of personal opinion. In some situations, you will benefit more from a weight power-up, and in other situations, you will benefit more from a pushpin power-up. In most cases, I would prefer to have a pushpin power-up because I think it is more versatile. However, there is no way to know which power-up is hidden behind a star balloon. You can, however, get BOTH power-ups if you start a game with two star balloons. A grid will never contain more than two star balloons, and if you start with two star balloons, one will always be a pushpin and the other will always be a weight (that is, you will never play a game that contains two pushpin power-ups or two weight power-ups.

Should you use power-ups right away, or save them until the end? As a general rule, it's usually best to try to save power-ups and use them later in the game. However, this isn't a strict rule: if you see a situation where using a power-up prior to getting stuck, use it when you need it! But remember, if you win a game by clearing all the prizes and you have a power-up left over, you will get bonus points for each unused power-up.

Which skill level should I play at?

If you are new to Poppit!, you usually should play at skill level 1 until you get more comfortable with the game. Starting at level 1 will make it a bit easier to clear all the balloons with prizes in them so you will win games more often and therefore also get more jackpot spins.

Tip! Learning to use the "UNDO" button often when you want to undo pops will help you win games more often, get your name on the high scores list, and earn more tokens!

As you progress, you might wish to challenge yourself by playing at a higher skill level, but in Poppit!, the higher levels (2 and 3) really are harder to win! So don't get discouraged if you lose some games at the higher skill levels. If you play at level 3, your chances of getting on the hourly high scores list is better, but it's really hard and if you can clear all the prizes at level 3 consistently, consider yourself a Poppit! master!


The most common question about Poppit! is: "how do I clear all the balloons?" And unfortunately, there is no good answer. When the game begins, the balloon grid is so big (15 wide by 10 high, or 150 balloons per game), that it would take a powerful computer to figure out a perfect solution. And, it might be the case that your particular grid perhaps might not have a solution to clear all the balloons! So, the best way to start developing your own winning strategy is to start playing and gain some experience. Soon you will be able to look a few balloon pops ahead to figure out how to free that last prize or power-up.

That said, here are a few strategy ideas that may improve your game:

OK; those are some strategy tips that I hope you will use to help you play Poppit! better and smarter and earn more tokens and even get on the high scores lists more often! I hope you enjoy this cool game. Happy popping!

NOTA BENE: This page refers to the latest version of Poppit!, which is called "Poppit! 2". Follow this link if you would like to see the old "Poppit! 1" page.