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Turbo 21 (steev0's Letter)

steev0 (another player on pogo.com) was kind enough to send me this letter with some great tips about Turbo 21. With his permission, I'm including the entire text of his letter here:

To: lemke@plainsboro.com
From: steev0@mediaone.net
Subject: Your Pogo page
Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2000 00:36:59 -0500

Hey K-man,

Great pogo sight, keep up the good work! My current game of choice is
Turbo-21, and your breakdown of getting 18 bj's was very interesting.
Unfortunately, to make 18 bj's you need a VERY cooperative deck.

Even so, it's still possible for a good player to average 7000 tokens/hour.
Here's afew of the tricks I use:

*** Know which hand to bust: for example you have hard counts of 13, 16, 16, 18
    and are dealt 9, bust one of 16's. Optimally, you want to increase your chance
    of hitting 21 (or 11) on any given card. Removing the repeats, and
    getting fresh new counts will do this. This goes along with "Keep your hands
    varied" below

***If you can't make an 11 or 21, make a 10! As you pointed out in your breakdown
   of getting 18 bj's, there are not enough 10 value cards to go around. For example,
   you have counts of 8, 17 (10-7), 3, 6 and are dealt a 2... put it with the 8.

***Keep your hands varied. For example you have counts of 3, 16, 16, 17 and are
   dealt a 2... put it on a 16. You have counts 12, 12, 5, 7 and are dealt an ace...
   put it on a 12.

*** Play fast and hit "new game" often. I generally finish with around 15 seconds left on
    the clock and can usually determine if a deck is a "spinner" or not in the first 15
    to 20 seconds. Basically, the time I waste on bad decks is made up for in playing

*** Keep track of which cards you've used. I don't mean to actually count the cards, as
    this would be virtually impossible at this speed (without using "pause" extensively). Take
    an extreme case as an example. You use 3 7's to make 21, DO NOT make a count of
    14 unless forced to. Also, it's pretty easy to keep track of aces. Knowing that the bottom
    of a deck is ace heavy (or ace lacking) can come in handy.

Thats all I can think of right now.

Don't forget, you owe me a token race!! Btw, if you see anyone else offering to token
race on turbo-21 send em my way. Makes the game a bit more exciting ;)