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Video Poker

Welcome to K-man's pogo.com Video Poker page!

Want to try to predict when they JP will be won under the new JP win system? Now you can track the ratio of yellow-lettered spade-royal-flush cards to non-lettered cards, and figure it out! Click here to get started

pogo recently changed the way the video poker jackpot is won. For details about the change and information about why it's a lot harder to win now, see my page on Video Poker Jackpot information.

As we all know, Royal Flushes are few and far between; Royal Flushes in SPADES occur only one-fourth as often (there are four suits). But did you know that there are actually 120 different ways to get a Spades Royal Flush?

I don't really have much to say on this page; someone else has already done a FAQ page for VP on pogo which is why I don't have a link on pogo under video poker.

But I did want to offer two things: first I'll present the stats that I have collected on my VP play on pogo. Second (and this is sort of cool) I have a short .avi movie file of me drawing one card to a royal flush--and hitting it!


Table 1: Video Poker tokens won stats

(summary of 11 1-hour sessions)
Tokens won
(no bonus)
tokens won
Tokens won
(with bonus)
Average per 1-hour session 657.9 763.6 1421.5
Std. Deviation (1-hour sessions) 330.0 906.9 895.3

The table above is pretty self-explanatory. On average over the 11 hours that I kept track, I won about 1400 tokens per hour playing video poker, bonus hands accounting for a little more than half of my total token winnings.

My WORST hour of video poker while I was keeping stats was a total win of only 94 tokens (no bonus hands). My BEST hour of video poker (not including the times I hit my two royal flushes when I wasn't keeping track of winnings) was 3412 tokens. During that fabulous best hour I hit 5 quads and 1 straight flush.

Royal Flush .avi file

Here's a short movie clip of me drawing one card to a royal flush in clubs and hitting the royal! I was dealt the Jack, Queen, King, and Ace of clubs and I drew the 10.

image of video poker game
(Click on the picture to see the 6-second movie)

I apologize for the quality of the movie. I made this using a Casio-7000 digital camera (suitable mostly for still pictures), holding the camera in my hand, and taking a movie of my computer screen at 10 frames per second for 6.4 seconds. I wasn't really expecting to hit the royal flush, of course, so just after I hit it I was so surprised that I lowered the camera briefly; you get a nice shot of my knee for about half a second! But you should be able to sort of make out the words "ROYAL FLUSH" after the draw is complete.