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All: As most of you know, closed their doors permanently sometime in 2003.

Lots of folks have written asking me questions about this, so here are some answers to those questions:

I was very bummed about their shutting down, of course, as I was a big fan and user. However, in their later days, they were forced to do some frustrating things: first, they restricted access to only certain states (and New Jersey, where I live, was excluded). Then they brought back access for everyone for awhile, but they began using a very convoluted scheme to determine prizebux payouts. While I'm sure the consultants they used to create this new scheme were sincere, from the players' perspective the new scheme was very confusing and frustrating--for example, when you began a game, it was not clear how many points you needed for various payouts. Furthermore, you could play an excellent game and receive a very low payout.

After they introduced this last-ditch-effort confusing scheme for payouts, I called my contacts at Arcade Planet and tried to explain to them how confusing the new payout scheme was, but they were determined to use it. Eventually I just stopped playing there (after purchasing a couple of their offline games packs).

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