Kennedy Lemke

Laramie, Wyoming 82070
(Address and Phone number deleted)


Seeking senior/lead technical position in a core TCP-IP networking/UNIX/network security group.


WAN, LAN, TCP/IP, UNIX, Security, Firewalls, Internet, Web Server


St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota BA, 1984


2001 - 2004: Princeton University (JSTOR), Princeton, NJ Unix Systems Administrator
  • UNIX web servers: Main responsibility was unix systems administration for the back end Sun web servers for a successful and growing internet project (
  • Security and Networking: Instrumental in the implementation of a multi-site firewall/VPN solution.
  • UNIX desktops: Implemented a stable, robust, and scalable solution for internal unix desktop workstations previously managed by a third party
1991 - 2000: Panasonic Technologies, Inc., Princeton, NJ Computer Systems Manager
  • UNIX/TCP-IP LAN: Responsible for all aspects of UNIX system administration and LAN administration for 75-person research lab and corporate headquarters: user account management, fileserver management, NFS, NIS, DNS, DHCP, postmaster and email management (POP, SMTP), several web servers (intranet, extranet, internet), USENET netnews administration, data backups, etc.
  • WAN/Internet: Responsible for primary internet connection for the company (~250 employees), including design, implementation, and management of corporate internet firewall.
  • Remote Access: Responsible for design, implementation, and management of secure remote network access for 250 users, including modem dial-up and client-to-site VPN.
1987 - 1991: Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, Computer Science Department and Computer Center Systems Programmer
  • Primary responsibility was UNIX system administration for the Sun/SunOS platform including several file and cycle servers, and about 75 Sun workstations. Acted as a Sun consultant for other departments within the university.

Professional Experience/Recent Projects

I have 25 years of UNIX experience and 19 years of internet experience.
  • 2003-2004: JSTOR network security: Developed and assisted with the implementation of a multiple site firewall/VPN security solution for JSTOR/Mellon Foundation using CheckPoint NG FW-1/VPN-1 software on a Sun/Solaris platform.

  • 2002: Sun server migration: Was technical lead on migration of primary web servers to SunFire 6800's. Also was responsible for dual-location server load balancing using Alteon switches.

  • 1999-2000: Y2K: Was technical lead for PTI Y2K preparedness project.

  • 1998: High Availability UNIX Fileserver: Implemented a high availability Sun/Solaris file server solution with complete redundancy on all systems (disks, cpu, etc.) using the High Availability Foundation Suite from Veritas.

  • 1993-1999: Remote Access/VPN: Over the years I implemented and maintained remote access for our users. Initially this included simple dial-up access (unix command line, telnet, and SLIP/PPP) via an annex terminal server. Security was integrated into remote access services using Security Dynamics' SecurID token system. In 1999, I added a client-to-site VPN system via a Bay Networks Contivity server for IP tunnel access from any internet-connected location. VPN security used the vendor's triple-DES IPSEC software, and all of the remote access services were integrated with the SecurID token system for secure authentication.

  • 1997: WAN re-design: Re-designed nationwide PTI network to a private Frame Relay network with a single point of Internet presence. A big part of the rationale for this re-design was growing concerns over IP security issues related to the internet, and the implementation included building a firewall machine using a Sun Ultra/Solaris box running Checkpoint FW-1 software.

  • 1995: Panasonic corporate Web site: Set up the first public web server for Panasonic ( From September, 1995 through September, 1996 this web server was located at PTI headquarters in Princeton, NJ and was maintained entirely by me. The first server was a simple Solbourne (Sun clone) workstation running CERN's web server; I later migrated to an early version of Apache. Throughout that year I worked with the Panasonic corporate design team, who supplied content, and I wrote and implemented several early cgi-based programs such as forms, surveys, and interactive web statistics.

    In August and September of 1996, I worked with Panasonic IT engineers to implement a successful technology transfer, moving from PTI headquarters in Princeton to an IBM AIX server at Panasonic corporate headquarters in Secaucus, New Jersey.

Personal Related Experience

Plainsboro.COM: In 1995, I started a free community web site for Plainsboro Township, New Jersey. This web site was one of the early sites on the internet concentrating on service to the community.

Home Networking and related Articles: Over the years, I have written several articles related to home networking. Some recent articles include:
  • Experiences with Home-Based Internet Connectivity, Domain/Web Site Ownership, and Cable Modems (March, 1998)
  • Cablemodem download and upload speeds (November, 1999)
  • Home Networking and 24x7 Internet Connectivity: Six Configurations (April, 2000)

(For links to these and other articles I have written, please see the editorials and articles section on Plainsboro.COM)