Letter to Hasbro Risk Game Engineers

If you have reached this page from an external link, you may also be interested in reading Hasbro's Response Letter. Please also see the main Risk page describing what led me to write this letter.

Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 04:18:54 -0500
From: Kennedy Lemke 
To: hasbro_support@aqinc.com
Subject: Question about RISK for Sony Playstation

Hello, engineers:

I purchased Risk for the Sony Playstation a couple months ago,
and I must give you kudos for the programming in this game;
nicely done.  And I have only played classic risk so far.

I do have one major complaint, however.  The dice are not
random.  I'm sure you know this.  It is common for me to
attack a neighboring enemy territory with two or more armies
and to see three boxcars (6-6) rolled in a row.  The real-life
odds of rolling three boxcars in a row are some 1 in 45,000 or
so, yet it's common in this game.  Or, another example, when
attacking a territory with only one army, I will often see the
defender roll a 6 several times in a row.  I've counted up to
eight times in a row, but typically see between 2 and 6 times
in a row, then the defender rolls a 1.

The game is fun and is hard enough without giving defenders
this added edge.

Can someone explain why the choice was made to not make the
dice random?  I can only guess that it would have been much
easier to program randomness into the dice rolls than to
not do so.  What gives, folks?  Any way for me to get a copy
that has true random dice?

Concerned, and willing to work on a PSX RNG with you,

                --Kennedy "K-man" Lemke