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Step 1a: Download United States Map Images

The map of the USA below is actually four separate images, each representing one fourth of the entire map. Step 1 is to download the following four images to your computer and print them, one image per page. To download each image and save it on your computer, position your pointer over the image, click the right button, and select "Save Image As" or "Save Picture As". Be sure to save the images in a folder where you can access them in step 1b.

Image of the NorthWest United StatesImage of the NorthEast United States Image of the SouthWest United States and Alaska and HawaiiImage of the SouthEast United States

Step 1a: Download Images

NOTE: The colors on the map don't have any particular meaning; they are there just to differentiate each state.

Step 1b: Print Images

Now you should print each image on your color ink-jet printer: open each image with your favorite image printing program (usually just double-click the image).  Set up the page so that you print in landscape mode and set the image to "fit to page".  When you do a print preview, you should see the page in landscape mode with the image taking up most of the page.

Do this for all four images.  "Fit to page" should center each image and should leave a small margin of 1/2" on each side of the image.