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Step 3: Cut, Align and Tape Images Together

Each of your images that you printed in step 1b should have a margin of about 1/2" or so.  In order to piece the paper together, you now need to remove the margin of each image, then overlap and line up each image and tape them together.

Note that for each image pair, you will only need to cut the margin on one of the pieces of paper. This is so you'll leave a margin on the other image that will allow you to align and overlap the first image. For the margin you cut, but sure to get as close to the color state images as possible.  It will be easiest to first piece together the two top images, then the two bottom images, then cut, align and tape the bottom pieces to the top pieces. If you tape both the front and back, the images will hold together stronger.


Example figure for cutting and aligning images

Step 3: Cut, Align and Tape Images Together

You need to follow the above example for all the images.  Once you have cut, aligned, and taped the images, you should now have an aligned image of the United States approximately 21 inches by 16 inches!