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Step 4: Align, Fold, and tape image to cardboard

This step is easy: now center the large taped paper image you just put together in step 3 over the piece of cardboard you made in step 2.  The paper should overlap the cardboard by at least about 1/2" on each side (if it doesn't, you can trim the cardboard piece down so you have some overlap).

Once you have centered the paper, for each side, fold the paper over the cardboard and tape the paper to the back of the cardboard.  When you've done this for all 4 sides, you should now have a picture of the United States on a rigid cardboard background!  Way to go!

BONUS IDEA: If you want your United States Quarters Map to have a really polished and professional look, you can cover the front of the map entirely with wide tape (such as 2" packing tape) or with clear adhesive shelf liner (contact paper). Not only will your map look good, but you'll be protecting the map from the vagaries of every day life. You can still add quarters by cutting a slit through both the contact paper and the background paper.