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Step 5: Place your quarters!

Now you are all set to start placing your quarters in each state!  For each quarter, find the state that matches.  Using scissors (or another cutting tool such as a sharp knife or utility knife), cut a small horizontal slit inside the state.  The slit should be centered in the state and slightly shorter than the width of a quarter.  Then place the quarter in the slit and tape it so that it won't fall out if the map is accidentally turned upside down. Don't push too hard or you'll lose the quarter behind the paper!

Note that even though we have a very large picture of the United States, some Eastern States are still too small to fit a quarter in.  For those states, you can just make the slit in the picture margin near the State, then draw a line or arrow from your placed quarter pointing to the State to which it belongs.

BONUS IDEA: If you want to, you can also label each State with its name.  Can you correctly name and label each State?  See if you can label all 50 States from memory!  No cheating by looking in a book!