K-man's Time-Lapse Photography

Starting Image

This is my first (and probably last) attempt at time-lapse photography, done in April of 1999. I did this project because I thought it would be cool; to a certain extent it is, but I was a bit disappointed in the outcome.

These pictures were taken with a Casio SX-7000 digital camera, of a dish of ``Kitty Kraze'' indoor cat grass (cats like to eat grass then throw up--not just throw up, but also glean some vitamins from the grass--so if your cats are mostly indoor cats, you should get them some indoor grass like this).

I set the camera up to take pictures once per hour. I ended up with 58 images (640 x 480), so the time-lapse takes place over the course of a little more than two days.

If I were to do an experiment like this again, I'd likely not put the subject [grass] next to a window where night and day are so obvious and a bit distracting. So, I'd try to make the environment a bit more controlled, probably under a light in a dark, undisturbed room.

I thought that the 640 x 480-pixel images would end up being a bit large to wait for a download so I saved these as 320 x 240 images. I used xv to make the pictures smaller, and also to make the thumbnails (xv really needs a batch mode). I then used gifmerge to create the animated gif file; I set the images to change every tenth of a second, and the number of loops to be 5.

Anyway, click on the picture at the top of the page (which is a copy of the first image of the sequence) or here (a copy of the last image of the sequence):

Ending Image

to view the time-lapse photography itself. It's about a 2.5 MB file. If you'd like to see the individual images and perhaps do your own time-lapse out of the images, you're welcome to do so. I'm putting these images in the public domain. Click here to see a page with the individual images, or you can also download all the images in one swell foop in a unix tar file here (compressing the tar file with gzip doesn't help much; sorry no ``*.zip'' file for all the images--I have this thing against PC's for the most part).